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Giobbe Automation



The Giobbe know-how range for the weaving industry is extensive and covers all fields: form shedding machines to textile looms and textile logistic machines. Discover the fascinating world of Giobbe Automation know-how and contact one of our engineers for further information and for improving the best solution for your requests.

Shedding machines:

Positive cam-motion 10 or 12 shafts, max speed 1500 rpm
Automatic Levelling device for the positive cam-motion dobby
Automatic pick finder for the positive cam-motion dobby
Electronic Positive Rotary dobby 16 or 20 shafts, 600 rpm
Automatic pick finder for positive rotary dobby
New fully electronic positive dobby with brushless indipendent driving servomotors

Textile logistics machines:

Warp beam electronic trucks
Fabric rollers electronic trucks
Automatic wharehouse for warp beams
Electronic fabric inspection machine
Complete product range to move fabric rolls, warp beams and weft bobbins inside a textile mill

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